Monday, December 15, 2008

Q & A: About that Illinois governor...

Q: Wow! What’s going on in Illinois with that crraaazzzy governor?
A: It sure is crrraaazzzy, but did you notice none of these accusations about Gov. Rod Blagojevich (or Blago for short)--Barak Obama’s political buddy--came out DURING the election? The man’s been under investigation for YEARS! By the way, here’s hoping the state attorney general’s motion in court to declare Blago “unfit to serve” falls through. I’m no fan of Blago, believe me, but this motion smacks of the Soviet-era argument that was used to commit Russian dissidents to asylums: if you disagree with Communism, they would argue, you MUST be insane! I’m afraid a VERY bad precedent could be set here if the motion, however well-intended, was granted (the law in question was originally intended to be used if the governor was medically unfit, for example, if he or she was in a coma). In the immortal words of Sir Thomas More in A Man for All Seasons, “I’d give the devil the benefit of the law, for my own safety’s sake.” It's best to let the impeachment process run its course.
Q: But Obama talked with Blago about filling the Senate seat, didn’t he?
A: Well, if the conversation amounted to Blago running some names by Obama, with Obama commenting on the possible choices, then it’s no big deal--and more than likely, that’s what happened. The president-elect and his team should simply SAY that--emphatically adding that ultimately, the governor has the final say in such matters--instead of denying there was any contact between the two, when there are published reports and pictures to the contrary. David Axelrod is supposed to be some political genius, but I think he needs a refresher course in PR, to be honest.

Friday, December 12, 2008

My question for "Open for Questions" (how long will it survive?)

In my previous blog, I wrote about how a page on the Office of the President-Elect’s website, “Open for Questions,” is apparently closed to those questioning Obama’s contact with indicted Illinois Governor Rod “Senate Fire Sale” Blagojevich. So in the spirit of free inquiry (a phrase leftists LOVE to employ against views they dispute, while showing themselves squeamish about applying to their own views), here is a question I posted on the “Open for Questions” page (had to keep it short, by the way, due to the character count):

Regarding President-Elect Obama and Governor you-know-who: is it “inappropriate” to link this page to My readers need a comedy break (until your information priests dump this). PAY NO ATTENTION TO THAT MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN!

Okay, the clock’s ticking! Let’s see how long the “Open Government, Open for Questions” crowd will take to kick THIS question into e-File 13.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Obama website "Open for Questions"--almost

And now for a comedy break ... go to this link here, which takes you to the "Office of the President-Elect" website page called Open for Questions, where the public, according to the site, can ask Obama questions about policies or issues. Well, ALMOST all issues. Look at all the typical liberal hot-button questions actually listed. Now, see if you can find any questions about Obama's links to arrested Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich (I just call him Governor Blag). Type in the governor's name in the search box, and watch all the questions that the site REFUSES to post.

These questions are knocked off the main list because, as each entry states on the bottom, it was determined they were "inappropriate." Looks like the informational priests at the Cult of Obama are doing overtime, ensuring that no blasphemous questions ever reach the eyes or ears of the Great Exalted One, or his congregation of true believers.

After the election dust settles, it's question and answer time

Well, now that the election dust has settled a bit, it’s question and answer time with your host.

Q: Well, what do you think of the Obama administration so far?
A: Actually, there isn’t REALLY an Obama administration yet, not until he actually takes the oath of office. But I have to admit, creating an “Office of the President-Elect” is pretty inventive, although it really doesn’t have any power whatsoever, other than for public relation purposes.

Q: And there WON’T be an Obama administration, because Obama is not really a citizen! He was really born in Kenya, right? There’s lawsuits over it, and …
A: Actually, all indications are that Obama has just as much right to be president as McCain, Palin, Biden or anyone else who ran. He was born in Hawaii, and state officials there vouch for his birth certificate being authentic. For the facts that clear the air on this, see Ronald Kessler’s article here at NewsMax (not exactly a DNC outlet); check out the shady side of one of the main proponents of the “Obama is not a citizen” arguments (e.g., a Philadelphia lawyer who claims that Obama’s grandmother said “on tape” that she witnessed Obama’s birth in Kenya would not produce the recording for Kessler).

Q: What about Obama’s picks for his cabinet?
A: Well, I really expected Jimmy Carter II, but not Bill Clinton II, which is what we’re getting. Still, it’s hilarious watching far leftists twisting in the wind on these picks (including bringing on anti-change Hillary as Secretary of State, and even keeping George W. Bush’s defense secretary on board; the HORROR!). But forget about showing Obama worshipers the inconsistencies. As Rush Limbaugh correctly notes, it’s not WHAT Obama says, it’s HOW he says it. He could recite “Mary Had a Little Lamb” in his inauguration speech, and the Obama true believers and media lapdogs would be falling all over themselves in wonder and praise.

Q: What about the great GOP comeback? Three victories in Georgia and Louisiana since the election!
A: Well, those victories benefited from not having Obama on the top of the ticket, drawing more Democrat voters to the polls. Still, with Saxby Chambliss’ win in Georgia, the Democrats won’t get to a filibuster-proof majority, although there’s enough GOP liberals to hand it to them anyway Of course, Minnesota looks to barely stay in the GOP column with a narrow Norm Coleman win, barring a certain lawsuit from sore loser Al Franken. Plus, while Joe Lieberman will caucus with the Democrats, he can be counted on to side with Republicans on issues regarding homeland security, terrorism and supporting Israel. Then there is the debacle with Governor Blag in Obama’s home state, trying to sell the soon-to-be vacated Senate seat. The battle in the state legislature to remove Blag, and the Senate’s balking at seating any Blag appointments, leaves the Donkey Party another senator short of forcing through Obama’s agenda, at least temporarily. So while the GOP victories are encouraging, it’s still a long way from regaining the country.
I’ll have some more question and answer in a little bit. Stay tuned.