Saturday, February 28, 2009

On Jindal's speech

On Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s Republican response to President Obama’s speech on Tuesday:

*No, it couldn’t measure up in style to any Obama speeches. Obama can recite “Mary Has a Little Lamb” and have MSNBC drooling in awe. Sure, Jindal’s response could be considered lightweight, but it wasn’t terrible either. On an audience panel of Fox News Channel, at least several audience members seemed to appreciate that Jindal was direct and understandable in his speech.

*One speech does not necessarily a political success story make. New York Governor Mario Cuomo wowed the 1984 Democratic convention with his scathing speech against President Reagan, but his White House prospects never matched his rhetoric. Then there was another governor who gave a terrible, overblown speech at the 1988 Donkey Party convention--who wound up being elected president four years later.

*In any event, President Obama’s disastrous proposed federal budget--along with the economy-killing stimulus package--will all but assure Jindal’s speech will be long-forgotten. And the sour reaction among pundits won’t erase Jindal’s turning away $100 million of stimulus money from Louisiana, due to his foresight that it would create more state budget problems down the road.

On a side note, I notice among some anti-Jindal bloggers their hysteria over an article Jindal wrote in a December 1994 edition of the New Oxford Review (the magazine is ultra-Catholic, but there’s more intellectual wattage in one edition of NOR than among a year’s worth of all the New Left blogs combined). Here’s a tip for anti-Jindal writers: trying reading the ENTIRE article (of which I have a copy). Jindal, a traditional Catholic, merely WITNESSED the exorcism that occurred at an evangelical campus meeting he was visiting. His bewilderment over what he saw was very evident in the article. And it’s interesting that these same “intelligent” bloggers who ridicule any belief in demons or Satan (incidentally, Jindal’s view of demonic possession is consistent with Catholic teachings) won’t employ their so-called intellect to examine the contradictions and serious shortfalls of their savior president. You see, in the Obama religion, blind belief in his charisma and charm is a-okay, regardless of what he says (out of both corners of his mouth). But let a conservative express belief in a personal force of evil, and WATCH OUT! CALL BILL MAHER!

So we’ll be hearing from Jindal in the near future, especially when the Obama Republic collapses under the weight of bad, BAD economic policies (when Hillary is begging China to buy more U.S. debt, you KNOW it’s going to get REALLY bad) and fairy tale foreign policy (like apologizing to the Islamic world, which has led to those countries letting terrorists go free, and loading Hamas with tons of aid money that will be used against Israel).

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ad of the week

Check out this great pro-life ad here, which CNN and NBC (two informational acolytes to President Obama) refused to air.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

See, I told you so

Look, I will REALLY, REALLY try not to harp too much on the Matthew 25 Network anymore, okay? With the "stimulus" package set to destroy what's left of the economy, and other issues, there's not a lot of time to waste writing about M25N being wolves in sheep's clothing (which I've made pretty much clear during the election).

But I couldn't help notice the M25N's "new look"--blogs sharing about their concern regarding Christians who would oppose Obama's "change" of America. If you have the stomach to visit the website, please note all those blogs about the "Christian Right," and how it is so out of touch (and, of course, their sincere efforts to "understand" us).

So the M25N mask finally comes off, and they reveal themselves for the far-left religionists they really are--complete with all the pious-sounding whining about not wanting to go by "labels" (with good reason for their interests!). I hope any of those Chrisians who "testified" on their site about how voting for Obama was their "Christian duty" take a good hard look at how they were used, and are no longer of any use to this bunch, now that they have their political savior in the White House.

By the way, I may have stumbled upon who "James" is, the irate writer who defended M25N's bashing of Sarah Palin during the campaign. I wrote in response back then, asking for examples of what exactly Palin said that slandered Obama. Nothing yet.

You may be interested in knowing that at least one of these bloggers checks up on those "Christian Right" blogs--no doubt to educate us misguided brothers and sisters in the Lord with the overwhelming truth of the gospel of Obama!

So while our new political savior leads us onto the Promised Land (a $1 trillion rat hole), in righteousness (while reneging on the $1.7 million he still owes the city of Chicago for his election night bash), peace ( HOW MANY more troops called up for Afghanistan, again?) and holiness (a bunch of administration appointees who can't seem to pay their own taxes, and at least one deputy Justice Department AG who has defended pornographers), it's nice to know he'll have his amen chorus at M25N ready to pounce on us "misinformed" Christians who speak out.

New "hope," M25N? Look for a meltdown of this "hope" in the coming months--and I'll be interested with how much cheerleading you'll still be doing for President Obama.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thought of the day

"Should the leader allow himself to succumb to the wishes of those he leads, who will always seek to turn him into an idol, then the image of the leader will become the image of the misleader. This is the leader who makes an idol of himself and his office, and thus mocks God."
Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 1933