Thursday, November 13, 2008

Obama's new spiritual advisor

OneNewsNow is reporting at the link here that President-elect Obama, during the presidential campaign, sought out counsel from … none other than Gene Robinson, the homosexual Episcopalian bishop whose election to his post set off a major split in the Episcopal Church and a firestorm of controversy in the worldwide Anglican fellowship.

Let’s get a clearer picture here … with homosexual activists disrupting church services around the country (due to Proposition 8 passing in California, and being emboldened by a pro-gay president ready to take over the White House), we now find out that Obama gets counsel from a homosexual bishop. To any “evangelical Christians” who backed Obama who might be reading this: getting a queasy feeling in your stomach yet?

Any other DISCERNING Christians reading this: brush up on the Declaration of Barmen (linked a couple of posts back), George Orwell (especially 1984) and the works of Dietrich Bonheoffer (especially Life Together and The Cost of Discipleship). Familiarize yourselves with Canada’s “hate speech” laws (which are coming our way) and most important, make sure you memorize your Bible (They would take Bibles away from us? Let’s just say I’m not taking chances--especially with homosexuals suing Bible publishers about the “anti-gay” translations, which I posted about earlier). Why do all this, you ask? We may be heading underground faster than you think.

(By the way, the homosexual activists will be VERY selective about who they target. If they tried to attack a mosque the same way they attacked that church in Michigan, they would have been carried out in body bags).

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Watch out for the New Tolerance

It's here! The New Tolerance! Break out the George Orwell and take a look at what our society is heading towards with the election of Obama and a near fillibuster-proof Senate. When people sense they have power, they act on it--and a militant gay group in Michigan, with a pro-homosexual president ready to take office, did just that, attacking an Assembly of God church. You can read the story in the Lansing State Journal here.

This attack does not make sense in any other context. The protest against Rick Warren's Saddleback Church, for example, was in response to California voters standing up to the rogue state supreme court and voting for Proposition 8, which Pastor Warren publicly supported. By the way, they protested Saddleback Church in spite of Pastor Warren's crusade against AIDS. They also protested at a predominantly white church--while 70 percent of African Americans voters also voted for Proposition 8 (even as they overwhelmingly supported Obama). Political correctness will hamstring the gay protesters from THOSE churches, as Bill O'Reilly points out.

The Michigan attack, in contrast, is a harbringer or things to come for evangelical churches who speak out against homosexuality--even those churches with Christians who were ignorant enough to vote for our great new leader.

Friday, November 7, 2008

McCain staffers backstab Palin

They smile in your face
All the time, they want to take your place
The Back Stabbers ...

from Back Stabbers by The O'Jays (1972)

On the recent backstabbing of Sarah Palin by McCain campaign staffers:

1) Well, now we know where “conservatives” Peggy Noonan and Kathleen Parker got the inspiration for their ill-conceived columns trashing Palin during the campaign. Your point of light shines a little less bright today, Peggy.

2)To any GOP candidate planning to run in 2012: since the sniveling weasels who trashed Palin won’t come out in the open--and those staffers who didn’t attack Palin refuse to stand up for her--there is only one solution. Get a complete list of all those who participated in the McCain campaign and, to lift part of a quote from Hunter S. Thompson, blacklist them all! Don’t let them come within two miles of your campaign, if you want loyal staffers.

3) I’m particularly alarmed that McCain himself has not stepped up to defend his running mate. It leaves me wondering, with McCain showing such a sudden lack of backbone, whether we’re better off he didn’t get to the White House after all; he seems afraid to confront these disloyal staffers. Since I’m quoting from 60s radicals this morning (what's coming over me?!?), let’s try mangling a quote from another one, Malcolm X: I’d rather deal with a leftist than with a moderate Republican; at least you know where the leftist is coming from.

4) Palin, for her part, is refusing to fire back, simply stating that the idiotic accusations against her were false (any sensible person can see through the slander as shallow attempts to try and latch onto the next GOP campaign, hence my suggestion under #2 above). It’s all too apparent now who should have been heading the ticket. Palin? You betcha!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

ACLU (Anti-Christian Liberties Union)

Why am I not surprised? The voters of California clearly vote to approve Proposition 8, which defines marriage in their state constitution as being only between one man and one woman (one of several bright spots in an otherwise disappointing election; three other states also passed similar pro-family propositions). And lo, the ACLU comes charging to the rescue, immediately filing a lawsuit and scraping the bottom of the barrel for a technicality to overthrow the will of the voters.

Contrast that with their deafening silence about Joe the Plumber who, simply for expressing his political views to then-candidate Barak Obama (which drew out Obama's quote about "spreading the wealth"), had half a dozen Ohio state agencies investigating him, with indications that the record searches were not curiosity by some nosy employees (as bad and illegal as that is), but resulted from orders that came from higher up.

Where are those champions of dissent and personal freedom NOW? I'm sure their selective standing up for only certain "rights" that advance their socialist agenda would have made their founder Roger Baldwin as proud as the NBC peacock.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Letter from 2012

Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family recently published "Letter from 2012," in which a Christian living in that year writes about the changes to America under President Obama. You can be sure that with Matthew 25 Network raising cane about it (complete with an e-mail campaign against Dr. Dobson and his ministry), this letter MUST be hitting a nerve of truth--as an evangelist once told me, when you throw a shoe into a pack of dogs, the one who yelps is the one who gets hit! (and there's plenty of puppies howling in that M25N pack)

You can read Dobson's chilling letter here; pay close attention to the parts about the U.S. Supreme Court. And keep praying for our nation at this critical juncture of history.

New hope

Something to cheer you up today, from Glenn Beck's website.

Post-election thoughts

*There's an interesting article on President Bush and his mistreatment by Americans, written by a man who served on John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign. The article in the Wall Street Journal is here. I've said in the past that Bush will probably be another Harry Truman, who had super-low approval ratings, but is now considered one of the greatest presidents in our history. This sharp article, in part, bears this out.

*One silver lining in last night's presidential vote: race was NOT a factor. People simply voted for the candidate they liked, period. That's the way it should be.

*The Bible calls for Christians to continually pray for their leaders. We should pray for President-elect Obama the same as we pray for Bush, Clinton, and any other president: for godly wisdom, guidance, and protection.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Final election questions for Matthew 25 Network

Well, I fulfilled my patriotic duty today and voted.. At first, voting for president in the Obama State may seem very pointless. But who knows…if the vote is closer than expected here, it may inspire McCain voters in the battleground states to get out there to vote (in the words of the old Everly Brothers song, “dreeeaaam, dream dream dream …”)

So before this election cycle runs its course, I have some questions about Mr. Change for my dear friends at the Matthew 25 Network:

1) Your candidate made a big deal about being his “brother’s keeper,” which bowled you over. Maybe you can discuss with him another Bible precept about charity beginning at home, especially since he has an aunt living in a Boston slum and a half-brother living in a rundown hut in Kenya?

2) Also, you herald Obama as a candidate who will work to lower abortions. Should he win the election, will you be able to get any sleep after he signs the Freedom of Choice Act wiping away all restrictions on abortion--which he promised, in a speech to pro-abortionists, would be his first act as president? You harp so much about justice; what about justice for the unborn? (or will you dodge into the “quality of life” charade of an argument to excuse Obama’s extreme pro-abortion views?)

3) Where will you all be should he come to power, and his administration starts persecuting churches for refusing to marry gay couples?

While you’re at it, M25N, take some time off from your campaigning to read this online copy of the Declaration of Barmen here, written in 1934 by Germany’s Confessing Church (the one that refused to submit to the Nazis; the declaration is considered a creed in the Presbyterian Church). Maybe after reading it, you can search your hearts to see if you have not been swept up into submitting to “other lords,” instead of the Lord Jesus, in your blind support of Obama (the evangelical Christians supporting Obama--by Barna’s count about one-half of them--had better read this also). Your lack of discernment and ignorance in action has been nothing short of stunning.

Sow the wind, and reap the whirlwind, the scripture says. After you celebrate tonight (should Obama win) remember these words in the coming days, M25N. And sleep tight (if you have any conscience left).