Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Santorum and leftist gutter attacks

With former US Senator Rick Santorum's ascendency in the Republican presidential primary, it was only a matter of time before leftist critics tried to drag his name in through the mud. If you Google his name, you will, on the first page, more than likely see a homosexual activist's ugly, repulsive attack on Santorum's name, due to Santorum's stand against homosexuality. But what do you expect from such leftists? Enlightened debate? Really, such ugly attacks is all the Left HAS to fight with, and it further shows the sad, truly degenerate nature of the "activist" (see Romans 1:27-32).

Now, as the primary continues to wind down, there might be some shortcomings in Santorum's political record that will be brought to light. The ugly activist attack, however, may throw some more conservative Christian votes his way--and any person of good will must surely be repulsed by the attack. (Side note: I mentioned Santorum in a March 2008 blog that you can read here).

Monday, February 13, 2012

State of education: sinking fast (unless you believe bin Laden is our vice president)

If this video doesn't at least make you consider homeschooling or private school, nothing will. These high school students' answers to basic civics questions are guaranteed to make you laugh--and shake your head in disbelief so hard, you'll get whiplash. See our educational system in action here.

Yes, a student actually said that Osama bin Laden WAS our vice president. Of course, the way President Obama has been destroying our economy, attacking American churches, keeping us dependant on Middle East oil (No Keystone pipeline for YOU! Drill off of Brazil, but not here), and appeasing Islamic aggressors who hate us and Israel ... it makes you wonder ...