Wednesday, October 10, 2007

North Korea: About Face

Talk about an about face: North Korea now wants to take down its nuclear program—and even wants to have U.S. inspectors come in to make sure they are in compliance. There is also an official proclamation between the leaders of North and South Korea to officially sign a peace treaty (technically, both sides are still at war under an armistice). Earlier this year, I wrote about geopolitical scientist Dr. Jack Wheeler’s assertion that China, with the 2008 Olympics coming to Beijing, won’t tolerate a nutty regime in North Korea starting a war on its doorstep. This would lead to a coup orchestrated by Beijing which, Wheeler speculated, could lead to North Korea being a vassal state to China, and being rapidly converted to Christianity. Immediately after that statement, interestingly, North Korean dictator Kim Jung Il profusely apologized to China for all the trouble it caused (including testing a nuclear weapon, which turned out to be a dud). Could this be an interesting maneuver by Kim Jong Il to get on America’s good side—to avoid a possible Beijing-inspired coup to overthrow him?

It appears President George W. Bush may release some humanitarian aid as a return gesture. Let’s pray that the president use godly wisdom to deal with Kim Jung Il and North Korea—and that God will open the doors of this closed nation to the gospel of the Lord Jesus!

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