Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Election trail notes

A few notes from the election trail:

*Before you go agaga over Barak Obama, please follow this link to Ron Kessler's stunning story in NewsMax:


There, you can read about Obama's pastor and some of his "interesting" racial views.

*The Clinton reign of terror over the Democratic Party may be over. Mainstream news outlets seem to be jumping off the "Hillary is Inevitable" bandwagon, as Obama picks up endorsements and young voters. Leaning on her husband's experience isn't working anymore (especially since it isn't really hers to start with). Her "natural constituency," women, are backing the seantor from Illinois instead of her. And you know things look bad when even the former president can't draw a crowd at the University of New Hampshire, with a good chunk of those attending walking out in the middle of his speech. Rush Limbaugh rightly observed that there has been a civil war in the Democratic Party between the Clintonistas and those such as Al Gore, over control of the party. Hillary may stay as U.S. Senator from NY for a awhile, but it appears (hopefully) that that's as far as she'll go.

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