Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Islamification of America continues

Follow this link to an article in the St. Cloud Times (MN):

There, you will have to read extra carefully to catch the real story in the story. Basically, a student who needs a service dog due to having seizures (the dog carries a bag with medicine for bystanders to help the student in such an emergency) was forced out of attending his school--due to a threat from a Somali Muslim, who was insulted at the dog's presence, since the Koran bans Muslims from touching dogs. The disabled student was also jeered at by other Somali Muslim students at the school because of the dog (original story from Rush Limbaugh website). Wonder if the INS can start a few deportation proceedings for some miscreant students who really need to return to their beloved Somalia (not that they would; this is the same agency that gave Mohammad Atta, 9/11 leader, his approval to attend flight school months AFTER the terrorist attacks).

A few more points: those who want to give Islam a free pass from criticism, and allow it to become the dominant religion in the USA, can look forward to more of this from the "religion of peace."

Also, the newspaper pretty much all but buries the reason these miscreants threatened and taunted the student. Just imagine the headline if it were Bible-believing Christians: "Fundamentalist Christians drive disabled student ..." You get the picture.

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