Monday, June 30, 2008


I need a little help.

I’m thinking of starting a website, and need some ideas.

I learned this weekend about Houston mega church Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell, and his cute website, "jamesdobsondoesntspeakforme," attacking Dr. James Dobson for defending himself against a Barak Obama attack in a 2006 speech to a liberal religious group, and bringing attention to Obama’s weird biblical views in the same speech (described in previous entry).

The good pastor, who is a spiritual advisor to President Bush (I think the president needs a replacement in this category) and who officiated at Jenna Bush’s wedding (I guess this is the part where I say “gasp!”), claims his website is done “in the spirit of love.” It was also set up with an unseen hand—not the Divine One, but with the aid of an Obama campaign worker, Alyssa Martin. It's also interesting how quickly this website was up and running, about 24 hours after Dobson's radio program about Obama.

But not to worry: Pastor Caldwell (whom I sure would NEVER think about using his connection to the president for any partisan purposes) regularly prays via telephone with Obama staff members (I’m guessing godly wisdom for Christian voters—considering Obama’s extreme left positions—isn‘t on that prayer list).

So in the spirit of love, I’m thinking about starting my own website in response. I’m torn between these possible addresses:




Well, which one do you think works best?

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