Saturday, February 21, 2009

See, I told you so

Look, I will REALLY, REALLY try not to harp too much on the Matthew 25 Network anymore, okay? With the "stimulus" package set to destroy what's left of the economy, and other issues, there's not a lot of time to waste writing about M25N being wolves in sheep's clothing (which I've made pretty much clear during the election).

But I couldn't help notice the M25N's "new look"--blogs sharing about their concern regarding Christians who would oppose Obama's "change" of America. If you have the stomach to visit the website, please note all those blogs about the "Christian Right," and how it is so out of touch (and, of course, their sincere efforts to "understand" us).

So the M25N mask finally comes off, and they reveal themselves for the far-left religionists they really are--complete with all the pious-sounding whining about not wanting to go by "labels" (with good reason for their interests!). I hope any of those Chrisians who "testified" on their site about how voting for Obama was their "Christian duty" take a good hard look at how they were used, and are no longer of any use to this bunch, now that they have their political savior in the White House.

By the way, I may have stumbled upon who "James" is, the irate writer who defended M25N's bashing of Sarah Palin during the campaign. I wrote in response back then, asking for examples of what exactly Palin said that slandered Obama. Nothing yet.

You may be interested in knowing that at least one of these bloggers checks up on those "Christian Right" blogs--no doubt to educate us misguided brothers and sisters in the Lord with the overwhelming truth of the gospel of Obama!

So while our new political savior leads us onto the Promised Land (a $1 trillion rat hole), in righteousness (while reneging on the $1.7 million he still owes the city of Chicago for his election night bash), peace ( HOW MANY more troops called up for Afghanistan, again?) and holiness (a bunch of administration appointees who can't seem to pay their own taxes, and at least one deputy Justice Department AG who has defended pornographers), it's nice to know he'll have his amen chorus at M25N ready to pounce on us "misinformed" Christians who speak out.

New "hope," M25N? Look for a meltdown of this "hope" in the coming months--and I'll be interested with how much cheerleading you'll still be doing for President Obama.

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