Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A coming evangelical collapse?

I ran across this interesting article here in the Christian Science Monitor, and want to get your take of it. It seems like it could happen, especially since we're trudging down the road Europe has taken with our European-approved president (80 percent of French wanted Obama elected). This article may be one way evangelicals in America need to taske stock (although it doesn't mean we have to agree with all the points in the article). With our president busy apologizing to the Muslim world and eager to "engage in dialogue" with "moderate" Taliban forces (???!!!???), while busy insulting our faithful British allies (returning a bust of Churcill from the White House? DVD gifts I could get from Amazon? And they criticized PALIN for lack of foreign policy experience?), we may want to examine whether the church is losing its salt and light in these increasingly dark days.

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