Saturday, June 20, 2009

Obama's self-love: the LEFT is catching on?

Well, it’s been evident to those on the right of the political spectrum that President Obama’s actions and policies are driven by his self-love. But when the LEFT starts noticing …
Check out this monologue here from, of all people, Bill Maher. Yes THAT Bill Maher.

(Caution: a few of Maher's comments may be offensive. If you would rather skip the monologue, the gist of his message is below).

While you may not agree with his stand on the issues he mentions, Maher's central point about Obama worrying more about his TV image than anything else cannot be missed. President Obama, you KNOW you’re starting to sink in the public’s eye when a left-of-gauge celebrity wishes you would be more like your predecessor.

“…I don’t want my president to be a TV star, because TV stars are too worried about being popular,” Maher says in the monologue. And might I add, they become less worried about other distractions, oh, say, like the crises in Iran and North Korea, that can well threaten our nation’s security.

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