Friday, July 17, 2009

Kiss free speech goodbye

The Hate Crimes Bill, the one that extends "hate crimes" prosecution to homosexuals, has passed the Senate today (snuck onto a defense spending bill) by a 63-28 vote (with five Republicans voting with the Democrats).

Well, it's important to bring cheer into the lives of others--and I'm sure I will be able to do that now for the Matthew 25 Network gaggle. All it will take is my getting into the pulpit to denounce homosexuality as a sin, and to proclaim that JESUS can set anyone free from this sin. Next, some unrelated violent attack on a homosexual will occur somewhere in the county--and some gay activist will point the finger at my "inciting" it--even though I denounce violence against ANY group, and regardless of whether the perpetrator actually HEARD my sermon.

And to the M25N's delight, it will be the chain gang for me! I'll be sure to send M25N my jail address, so they can cheer my heart as well by sending me their materials. I suspect I'll need a comedy break by then.

UPDATE from the Florida Family Association:

"Approval of the cloture motion only means that the hate crimes amendment was adopted. However, the Hate Crimes amendment will not become law unless the $680 billion Defense Authorization bill passes. Additionally, the amendment must be reconciled with the version of the hate crimes bill passed by the House. Furthermore, the Senate Defense Authorization bill includes funding for F-22 jets. President Obama is opposed to funding the F-22 jets and has threatened to veto the Defense bill if it funds the project."

Call your senators and PRAY!

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