Thursday, September 24, 2009

Obama worship (again)

“Barack Hussein Obama
“Red and yellow, black and white
“All are equal in his sight …”

This is part of a song that children in a New Jersey school were taught--a song of praise to President Obama (I wonder, are they allowed to sing Christmas songs?). Watch the video and pray to the TRUE God for our children. Never has this nation been taught to idolize any leader in such a way (and as Glenn Beck asked on his show, is the word “his” in the third line capitalized or not? We are all equal in WHOSE sight?).

Someone please explain to me what the difference is between this, and having children sing to some despot in North Korea or Cuba, or some other cult leader. On a side note: I've wondered about whether Matthew 25 Network was an actual religious group or mere political stooges. Now it's settled: they're religious--and we know who they REALLY worship. Why else would they not stand against such anti-Christian idolatry?

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