Friday, October 9, 2009

A Nobel joke

It's official--the Nobel Peace Prize is now a joke. Keep in mind, President Obama was nominated for the prize within 10 days of his inauguration (Jan. 30 is the deadline for nominations). Okay, so maybe the Nobel Peace Prize committee has some supernatural foresight about Obama's "future" achievements we are not privy to (more than likely, the committee--drawn from the leftist Norwegian parliament instead of the Swedish-based committees--wanted to prop up a prominent fellow "progressive").

Please tell me what "accomplishments" Obama has, that put him in the same category as Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa or Norman Borlaugh (the scientist whose research and promotion of genetically-enhanced wheat and maize is credited with saving ONE BILLION LIVES). Sure there have also been dumb choices over the years (does the name Al Gore ring a bell?) But even some Obama supporters were astonished by this choice.

Let's see, by the way, what our president does with the $1.4 million prize (will he "spread the wealth"?).

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