Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Preaching Prophecy: 10 Good Reasons

I remember several years ago when I was pastoring church, how I committed to teaching a midweek series on end times prophecy. A visitor came in with a church member (and a large spiritual chip on his shoulder), and during the teaching (in which I answered questions from the congregation) intoned that studying end time prophecy could "distract" from the "more important" teachings of the Bible. My answer--which was really more for the church member than the visitor--was that: A) Anyone who has been to the church on a regular basis knows it is not the ONLY thing I was teaching, and, B) Jesus Himself talked quite a bit about prophecy, so it must be important for us to know.

An article I read from gives 10 excellent reasons why we should preach about biblical prophecy (this is one of those articles I wish I had several years ago). You can read this great article here.

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