Monday, January 9, 2012

More Tebow Time!!!

Yes, I'm supposed to be concentrating on important "spiritual" matters on this blog. And yes, I'm sure this will raise a few eyebrows among those who know my true football allegiance (GO GIANTS!!) But I can't go another second without posting the greatest moment from the NFL wildcard round this weekend. See it here.

You can debate the reason I love this clip: a) It was just such an exciting play; b) Watching Tebow come back after being slammed so much in the last weeks (as if other QBs never had losing streaks); c) Picturing the sickened expression on Bill Maher's face as the play unfolded; d) Tebow praising Jesus yet again at the end of the game; e) All of the above (and maybe more reasons). I can't get enough of this clip!!!

Or as I used to say in my campus minister days, "WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

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