Friday, March 28, 2008

Casey unmasked

A few blogs ago I commented about Barak Obama's atrocious pro-abortion view: how, as an Illinois state senator, he stalled legislation on an Infant Born Alive Act, to protect a baby who was born alive after an abortion murder attempt. Keep in mind, this law (signed on the federal level by President Bush in 2002), was not even opposed by chief pro-abortionist group NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Now comes the word out of PA that Obama will pick up the endosement of Bob Casey Jr., the allegedly pro-life senator who rode to office on the name of his father, the great Gov. Bob Casey, who was banned from speaking at the Democrat's 1992 convention because of his brave pro-life stand.

Bob Jr. used this pro-life veneer to defeat Republican incumbent Rick Santorum, a TRUE pro-life senator, in the 2006 voter temper tantrum (Santorum was the one who was debating Barbara Boxer, D-CA, in 1999, when she made the statement that a baby is only a baby when it is brought home from the hospital. It's in the Congressional Record, but the watchdog media gave her a pass as usual. Now, if Dan Quayle had made the same statement ...not that he would).

Now we see the veneer ripped away from Bob Jr., who IMHO is an absolute disgrace to his father's memory.

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