Tuesday, August 7, 2007

War of the Worlds

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing: ABC TV was devoting an entire broadcast to what they called was the greatest threat to civilization—global warming. Complete with live action shots from around the globe, they featured melting ice caps, freaky weather aberrations, the works. I was overwhelmed with shock—not at the “shocking reports,” but at the amount of wasted airtime.

It also reminded me of another “shocking newscast” from the days when radio ruled: the famed 1938 “War of the Worlds” broadcast. The Mercury Theater (featuring Orson Welles) did a dramatization of H.G. Well’s classic novel, with newscast-like acting that made it sound like an invading army from Mars was REALLY landing in New Jersey to take over planet Earth. A mass hysteria occurred during the broadcast, with listeners arming themselves, evacuating their homes and a few even trying to kill themselves. The irony of the whole incident, as Welles noted later in a TV show recounting the incident, is that Americans jumped at believing the phony Mars invasion news reports (why didn’t they just turn the radio dial? It was only broadcast on CBS radio), while turning a deaf ear to a REAL threat that was looming in Europe (you might have read about it: something having to do with Hitler and Nazis trying to take over the world, triggering a REAL war, namely World War II).

It looks like that’s what is happening now with the country jumping to the sound of global warming alarms—while ignoring the steady Islamification of Europe, with remnants of the continent’s Christian heritage on the verge of being wiped out (a phenomenon that is making its way to our shores, slowly but surely). We hardly blink an eye when Islamic terrorists come to within a hair of blowing up a dozen places in Britain, or plot to blow up Kennedy Airport in NY and surrounding places—but we shudder when a chunk of ice breaks off in Antarctica. Is it maybe because we realize, deep down inside, that global warming really IS an illusion, that warming cycles are part of nature? Maybe it’s far easier to watch Al Gore pine about his “inconvenient truths” (then again, staying awake for that COULD be a chore in itself) or watch some innocuous worldwide concert, so we can pat ourselves on the back about doing OUR part to stop tidal waves from coming to New York or multiple hurricanes hitting Florida.

Of course, should we ever come to live in the Islamic Republic of America, you can be sure than global warming will take a back seat to other “big” issues (which would be something to truly shudder about).

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