Wednesday, September 26, 2007

40 Days of WHAT?

This latest from the Barak Obama camp, according to CNN:

"Barack Obama's presidential campaign is hoping to increase the candidate's profile among African-American voters in South Carolina by launching a grassroots effort called '40 Days of Faith and Family.'

"The effort, which began on Saturday, will organize Bible study programs and gospel concerts across the state over the next month in order to engage voters and boost Obama's name identification among Palmetto State voters who may be more familiar with the Democratic frontrunner, Sen. Hillary Clinton ...

"According to a release from the campaign, '40 Days of Faith and Family' is 'an opportunity for people of faith to come together, across racial and denominational lines, to talk about how they live their faith outside the four walls of the church, what they want to see from their presidential candidates and how Obama’s faith informs how he thinks about the issues of our time.'

"...Though Obama and Clinton are in a dead heat among African-Americans, Clinton still leads Obama by a wide margin in most statewide polls."

My response: Somebody please get me an air sickness bag. Please tell me there are no Bible-believing Christians stupid enough to fall for this cynical grasp for votes. Still, it's pretty creative to be able to rip off Rick Warren's 40 Days of Purpose campaign so smoothly.

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