Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This just in ...

Seems General Petraeus is not the only target of ... not even the first:


Cooking the Books for the Continental Congress
General Washington is a military man at war with the facts. He is propagating the need for an outrageous—and unnecessary—war with the mother country. He continues to make greedy pleas for “supplying his troops” at Valley Forge, only to lead them on pointless expeditions in the name of “freedom for our new nation.” All of this, in the face of overwhelming expert testimony from London that this poorly-planned war can never be won. And most important, he is irresponsibly ignoring the pleas of his fellow citizen colonists, to bring the troops back home to their families where they belong.

General Washington, in carrying out the failed policies of the Continental Congress, will go down in history as General Washed-Up.

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