Friday, March 7, 2008


My wife asked me this morning why I haven’t written on this blog lately. Well, part of it may be I’ve been super busy with church and kids and Missy’s knee surgery and everything else. Well, maybe that’s part of it.

But I’m sure recent political developments have also had a lot to do with this. It was so much easier writing about the presidential election when there was, well, a clear-cut choice between George W. Bush (who the liberals are STILL campaigning against, even though he’s leaving office soon) and Senator John Kerry (a side note: I wrote a letter of encouragement to Kerry and his wife after they lost the 2004 election, due to the media’s hypocritical bashing of them. And what do you know: he actually wrote me back last December thanking me for the letter! I’m sure part of it was his upcoming re-election bid, but it was nice for him to recognize my letter nonetheless).

I’m still trying to come up with a description of the way I feel about the three major contenders we’re stuck with … wait, here’s one: when I was 15, I remember playing with some friends when I slipped on some ice and was knocked out cold for about a minute … I remember the numbness and disorientation when I regained consciousness. That’s about as close as I can get to giving you an idea of my bewilderment over the election.

But that’s what you get when you have three candidates bought and paid for by George Soros, President Bush’s multibillionaire archenemy. THREE candidates? Well, Clinton and Obama are a given, but McCain? You may want to make a merry stroll over to the NewsMax website for articles about how a McCain organization got loads of money from Soros, and how they seem to share staff members.

I don’t really need to go over the whole deal with Billary, I mean Hillary, so let’s jump over to the great hope for mankind, Barak Obama. He can forget my vote. Here’s someone who opposed a proposed Illinois state law that would have protected the life of a baby who was born alive after an abortion murder attempt. Keep in mind, this same law, thankfully signed on the federal level by President Bush in 2002, was not even opposed by arch-abortionist NARAL Pro-Choice America. Then there is his wife Michelle Obama, who urges a poor town in Ohio to not go into corporate America (and try to make a better life for themselves), but to follow her and Barak into public service. Just like the public service job she got as a hospital administrator, where she made about $120,000 per year—then watched her salary jump by $200,000 (you read that right) when her husband was elected to the state senate (it’s sort of common in Illinois, I’m finding out. The newly wedded bride of the state senate president, Emil Jones, got a human services administrative job out of the blue to the tune of $145,000 per year. But we’ve been assured that she was qualified. Uh, yeah, okay). And I’m sure Michelle Obama will follow through with totally leaving the corporate world behind—by resigning those corporate boards on which she is still serving. Throw in a shady money man behind Barak, and his quick rise through the ranks of the Chicago political machine, and you get a great picture of someone who REALLY doesn’t need to be leader of the free world.

So you can see my predicament (and those of millions of others). Do I try to ride out Hillary for four years, or take my chances with McCain? (And no, Ralph Nader, I’m not voting for you either). Maybe I can take the word of President Bush and Mitt Romney and trust McCain? Well, I’ll be sorting all this out for the next several months, so stay tuned.

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