Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Obama bombs

Is there any evangelical in America who can support Barak Obama after his dreadful performance in the presidential forum hosted by Pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback church?

His stuttering answer on Warren's question about abortion, and his tearing down conservative Supreme Court justices--especially Clarence Thomas (that the two should be compared at all is ludicrous. What an insult to Justice Thomas!)--should make any thinking evangelical Christian examine if supporting Obama is the best reflection of their biblical values. John McCain gave good, straighforward answers, while Obama looked lost without his teleprompter.

It's amusing, by the way, to see the mainstream media circle the wagons for their savior. The recent hatchet job of a story by the AP about a recent anti-Obama book was especially revealing--not for the book it attacked (Obama Nation), but the one the AP reporter ignored and probably wishes would go away (The Case Against Barak Obama, a work by a National Review writer that appears more articulate). The AP story also took a swipe at WorldNetDaily (where Obama Nation writer Joe Corsi has a regular column), trying to slam it as a National Enquirer-like outfit (by stating that its lead story was about an alleged find of a "Bigfoot" creature--a weird story that was, in fact, also carried by many other news outlets with the same grain of salt. WND also has links to other news agencies as appropriate, for a variety of news).

My last question: what, oh what, will Matthew 25 Network do now, with their candidate going down in verbal flames in front of a giant evangelical church? Is Matthew 25 Network really going to lasso in all those evangelical and Pentecostal votes for Obama? Go to the web page (if you can stomach it) and check their endorsements from pastors and religious leaders--and see how many are actually from evangelical or Pentecostal churches (aside from a few wolves in sheep's clothing). If Obama wins in November, watch all those poor people Matthew 25 Network claims to care about REALLY suffer when the US economy tanks--and watch Matthew 25 Network magically vanish into the woodwork.

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