Saturday, August 23, 2008

Early Christmas

When my wife broke the news to me this morning about Barak "The Inevitable" Obama picking Senator Joe Biden as his running mate, one tune started floating across my mind:

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ..."

When I saw his possible list of VP picks earlier this week, I was pleading under my breath, "Oh PLEASE let it be Biden!" Yep, the same Biden whom, running for president in 1988, conjured up some coal miner parents by lifting a quote from British politician Neil Kinnock. He was caught red-handed (thanks to the Dukakis campaign), and he became the butt of some funny jokes that floated around the rest of that year.

And all you Obama worshipers who want CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE: your man, as one headline noted, just picked the ultimate Washington insider as his running mate! I also saw the quote by Rush Limbaugh this week, about his wanting Biden, because the Obama campaign would then have twice the arrogance.

To McCain: PLEASE don't exchange this Christmas gift by picking a pro-choice politician! Any other pick, even the younger governors of Alaska (Sarah Palin) or Louisiana (Bobby Jindal) wouldn't hurt at this point. In general, VP picks don't always win elections, but you can't risk forfeiting the conservative base (especially the evangelical vote, after Obama's breath-taking flop at Saddleback church last weekend). Otherwise, you'll soon be singing another famous Christmas tune... Nothing for Christmas.

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