Thursday, October 2, 2008

On the VP debate tonight

I'm sure most of civilization will be tuned into the VP debate tonight, especially with MSM continuing to blare out, "Will Sarah Palin fail? How will Sarah botch it?" and so on ...

With the moderator of this shindig writing a pro-Obama book ready for release on Inauguration Day, I'm sure we'll get plenty of "balanced" questions. Maybe during the debate, Palin can ask Joe Biden about his statement to Katie Couric, regarding how President Franklin Roosevelt went on TV in 1929 to address the great stock market crash (for those who need a history brush up, FDR wasn't in office until 1933, and TV didn't exist).

So enjoy the debate (as much as you can).

Oh, and a note to "James" who posted on my last blog entry about "Tim Oliphant": I assume you meant PAT Oliphant the cartoonist; Tim Oliphant is a journalist. Still waiting to hear all those specific "falsehoods" that Sarah's been spreading about Obama in such an ungodly manner (and maybe you can look into Obama's falsehoods about his missing all those lovely sermons by Pastor Jeremiah Wright while a faithful member of his church for 20 years, and his amnesia about his friendship and "community organizing" work with Weathermen Underground terrorist Bill Ayers).

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