Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On Oliphant's Palin attack: Where are you, Matthew 25 Network?

The recent beneath-disgusting attack by left-wing cartoonist Oliphant on Sarah Palin, the Pentecostal faith and even God--all in one cartoon--is more than just the latest in non-taste by leftists in attacking Palin. It also, once against, exposes the Matthew 25 Network for the blatant fraud that they are.

Matthew 25 Network was all aghast that when Palin made pointed jabs at Obama's paper-thin record during her Republican convention speech, urging her to "put away falsehood" and chiding her for not acting Christian.

Now, this network claims to represent Pentecostals who support Obama. Have these pro-Obama Pentecostals SEEN Oliphant's Sept. 9 cartoon? How about a campaign to "put away malice," Matthew 25 Network? Where are you when a Christian sister, the Pentecostal tradition you claim to honor, and the Creator of the Universe are all viciously attacked?

Just a tip: you may have a bit more credibility if you DID denounce this vicious assault on common decency and religious faith by Oliphant. In the meantime, while you are all "praying" with Obama's staff each morning, try using what's left of your worm-eaten consciences to reflect on your shallow, abysmal lack of moral backbone and true faith.

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James said...

Does Tim Oliphant publicly and openly claim to be Christian? Has he made his faith a major part of his public persona?

If he has, I seem to have missed that... and you seem to have missed the point of the Matthew 25 Network's criticism of Palin. If you'll look at the release, their criticism wasn't just for her unfair attacks and her willingness to lie about just about everything in order to win political office; it was about her doing so while making her Christian faith a central part of her campaign.

The problem is that when the public sees people like Palin, who claim Christianity and make it a prominent part of their public persona, engaging in mean-spirited attacks based on falsehoods, it hurts Christianity as well as politics. It makes Christians' witness harder, as we have to overcome yet another public Christian who is willing to say or do anything to get ahead. It makes us all look like hypocrites and charlatans.

That would appear to be the Matthew 25 Network's major problem with Palin - not that she was engaging in unfair and mean-spirited attacks and falsehoods, which is sadly typical of politics these days, but that she was doing so while making her faith a major if not dominant theme in her campaign.