Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Obama hates Israel?

Check our Dick Morris' excellent assessment of President Obama's continued humiliation of Israel here. The president's recent unprecedented mistreatment of Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu at a recent White House meeting, according to Morris, may be more calculated than many believe. I at first thought the continued slapping of our allies was mere idiocy or naivety--remember how Obamaites jumped all over VP candidate Sarah Palin for her lack of foreign policy experience, while totally ignoring Obama's? You can't get much more idiotic than walking out of a meeting with a head of state while essentially telling that leader to get their act together.

While the liberal Democratic worldview that America is responsible for all evil in the world may also play a part in Obama's foreign poicy ineptness, Morris' assessment should be a wake-up call to Jewish Americans who have been blindly throwing their support behind Obama.

Recently, "evangelical" wolf-in-sheep's clothing Jim Wallis claimed that Obama critic Glenn Beck "hates Jesus" because he exposed the "social gospel" and its Marxist roots. Maybe it's time we appropriate Wallis' lingo to describe the true state of US-Israeli relations, and simply sum it up: Obama hates Israel.

"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! May they be secure who love you!" (Psalm 122:6, ESV)

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