Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Obama tells Egyptian foreign minister he is a Muslim

Once in a while I like to run a check on the Matthew 25 Network website, to get their alleged “Christian” perspective on the sinking ship that is the Obama administration. So M25N, what IS your view of president’s mishandling (or non-handling) of the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster? Did Obama’s aides REALLY try to interfere with a congressional election, by offering one Democrat an administration post in return for not running against Arlen Specter? Things like that.

But alas—M25N’s website is nowhere to be found! Is all this just too much for our “progressive Christian” friends? Maybe the real answer can be found in the article here, where Pamela Geller at the Atlas Shrugs website has uncovered public statements by Egypt’s foreign minister, claiming that Obama told him that he is indeed a Muslim. This high official in Egypt’s government would have no reason to lie about his meeting with Obama, and Geller spells out the evidence to back up this bombshell.

The implications are chilling, to say the least. Was Obama simply trying to “impress” the foreign minister? Then this is serious deception indeed for someone claiming to be a Christian. It could well be that Obama never abandoned his Muslim beliefs, but “played church” for social and political reasons (yes, non-Christians, even atheists, have been known to do this—not that “Pastor” Jeremiah Wright’s church could be considered a truly Christian church).

So is it possible that M25N—which ballyhooed Obama’s “Christian testimony” during the presidential campaign—are now crawling back into the woodwork with their folly exposed? In a way, I’ll miss their website: their diatribes against evangelical beliefs (which they withheld until after the election); their pouting about “social justice” (while apparently not doing anything in the way of actually helping anybody); and other such humorous readings. And let’s not forget their slamming of Sarah Palin’s “unchristian behavior” (by the way, M25N, what did Obama say he wanted to do to BP officials in that NBC interview? You may want to check the replay on that one, whenever you get your heads out of the oil-drenched sand).

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