Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Two must-read links ... make that three ... while you can

(Updated 5/16/13)

Three must-read links for my readers. And I do mean you MUST READ—before the Justice Department decides to “suspend” my blog for being on the wrong side of political correctness:

Gay Marriage vs. Tax Exempt Churches (Brian Cherry, Canada Free Press)
Though you're sure to disagree with parts of this article, the central premise is chillingly on target: “The gay marriage issue, as it is currently being pursued, is a back door assault on the constitutional freedom of religion and [Bible-believing] Christian churches.”

The Mask is Ripped Off of “Hope and Change” (Jim Geraghty, National Review)
A good brief rundown of the three scandals rocking the Obama administration, with a succinct summation: “You 'Hope and Change' true believers were a bunch of chumps.” Check out the picture at the end of the article. And get ready for more Captain Renault imitations by our beloved Great Leader about the subversion of the Constitution he ordered in these Nixonish acts: “I'm shocked, SHOCKED!”

Glenn Beck has pointed to Obama's “magician” abilities in diverting attention from critical issues with “spontaneous” eruptions in the news cycle. So could the IRS campaign against conservative groups and Justice Department press wiretapping (stories in the previous link) be diversions from a central question in the Benghazi killings? That central question: where WAS our Commander-in-Chief while Americans, including an ambassador, were being slaughtered at a US embassy in Libya? “With Benghazi, we have a Commander-in-Chief who, while acting in that capacity, fits the very definition of MIA, or missing-in-action. Not AWOL as some have proclaimed, but MIA. A schedule not erased after the fact, but an itinerary deliberately withheld from the purview of us all. The Commander-in-Chief inexplicably went 'off the grid' during a time of national and international crisis. He became MIA, but why?

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