Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin: ready to rumble!

Alaska Governor and Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin, speaking Wednesday night on her experience as mayor of Wasilla: "And since our opponents in this presidential election seem to look down on that experience, let me explain to them what the job involves. I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a 'community organizer,' except that you have actual responsibilities."

In an outstanding speech at the RNC Wednesday, this was the line of the night--and not just by exposing Barak Obama and Joe Biden’s shallow attacks on her service as Wasilla’s mayor. It also throws the ball in Obama’s court about his “community organizing.“ Only Stanley Kurtz of the National Review has even bothered to check into this, meeting a bristling response from Obama’s robotic followers, who flooded a radio station Kurtz was on with complaints (but with no specific facts to contradict Kurtz’s research into this part of Obama’s resume).

Let’s put this issue into perspective: since Friday, when John McCain announced that Palen was his running mate, the national Obama cheerlead…er, I mean, media, were able to dig up all kinds about facts about Palin’s husband's 20-plus years old DUI, and about alleged, vague improprieties as governor. The media also looked on with silent approval when Daily Kos bloggers viciously attacked Palen’s children, forcing the McCain campaign to reveal that her 17-year-old daughter was pregnant, and was marrying the father (to Obama and Biden‘s great credit, they denounced this attack on Palin‘s children). And more sludge will surely dribble out before Nov. 4.

But since Obama entered the presidential race, NOT ONE of these media giants even looked into his “community organizing” with one Bill Ayers, a leader of the domestic terrorist group, The Weather Underground (also known by their other idiotic name, the Weathermen, stealing the reference from a Bob Dylan song). Obama claimed Ayers was just someone he knew in the neighborhood. Right, someone “in the neighborhood” enough to host Obama’s launch into politics in his living room, and to serve on some “community organizing boards” with the media’s savior of America.

This Bill Ayers is quite a character. His murderous group went around bombing government buildings--including the U.S. Capitol--and police stations from the late 60s to the early 80s, with Ayers later whining to The New York Times in 2001 that his terrorist group didn’t do more. When he was acquitted of one of these attacks (due to prosecution mishandling of evidence), he proclaimed he was “guilty as sin, free as a bird.”

Obama’s campaign response is weak, weak, weak, “Obama was only 8 years old” (so why does he associate with Ayers NOW?). “He has denounced Ayers’ crimes” (That’s news to me. Show me where and when). Of course, any revelation about Obama’s relationship with Ayers would require the media to turn on their anointed savior, and I’m sure you’ll instead hear cries of “guilt by association is not fair.” Now, if the media had ever found McCain “associating” with the likes of KKK idiot-in-chief David Dukes … oh, but I’m sure the media would handle it even-handedly (and also, by the way, there IS an Easter Bunny).

As I said above, Palin’s speech was a knockout, and I found myself laughing all the way through it. Of course, the MSM will dismiss it, with Eleanor Clift claiming that when Palin was picked by McCain, there was derisive “laughter” in newsrooms across America. After Palin’s brilliant speech, Clift and her leftist newsroom comrades are not laughing now.

Second best line of the night was from former NYC Mayor Rudy Guliani, about the feminist Democratic Party’s hypocrisy, in questioning whether Palin can be vice president while raising five children: “They never ask a man that.”

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