Monday, January 19, 2009

Brother's keeper ... except on Inauguration Day

The latest word from Inauguration Central ... the homeless of Washington D.C. are being "encouraged" to move for a few days to the outer limits of the city, so that they would not disrupt Barak "Brother's Keeper" Obama's taking the oath of office. Read the article here at The Washington Post (hat tip to Rush Limbaugh's web site). And yes, you have my permission, go ahead and snicker at the mockery that is the Matthew 25 Network (if it's even still in existence) and its "brother's keeper" campaign ads during the election. You would think the Great Compassionate One would use just a small part of that $170 million shelled out for the inauguration celebration (more than four times that spent by President Bush for his 2005 inauguration festivities, which earned the chagrin of the guardian media), to, well, HELP some of these homeless who are being asked to take a leave of absence from the festivities.

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