Friday, January 16, 2009

Truth tonic about Gaza conflict

Ralph Peters at To The Point newsletter couldn't have put it any more bluntly, or truthfully, regarding the media whining over Israel's alleged "aggression" in Gaza against the Hamas terrorists. An excerpt of his truth tonic that should wake us up:

"Israel hasn't killed a single civilian in the Gaza Strip. Over a hundred civilians have died, and Israeli bombs or shells may have ended their lives. But Israel didn't kill them.

"Hamas did.

"It's time to smash the lies. The lies of Hamas. The UN lies. And the save-the-terrorists lies of the global media.

"There is no moral equivalence between Hamas terrorists and Israeli soldiers. There is no gray area. There is no point in negotiations.

"Hamas is a Jew-killing machine. It exists to destroy Israel. What is there to negotiate?

"When Hamas can't kill Jews, it's perfectly willing to drive Palestinian civilians into the line of fire - old men, women and children. Hamas herds the innocent into 'shelters,' then draws Israeli fire on them. And the headline-greedy media cheer them on.

"Hamas isn't fighting for political goals. 'Brokered agreements' are purely means to an end. And the envisioned end is the complete destruction of Israel in the name of a terrorist god."

This truth makes President-Elect Obama's waffling on the issue--he mutters about the US having "one president at a time," while endlessly pontificating about his supposed coming economic rescue of America--all the more troubling so far as Israel is concerned. Pray for God to continue watching over Israel.

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