Thursday, January 15, 2009

Column of the Week ... Fight FOCA

President-Elect Obama made uninformed and willfully ignorant evangelical Christian voters swoon during the campaign by claiming he wanted to "reduce abortions," by having pro-life and anti-life forces somehow find "common ground" on the issue. Obama's evangelical stooges at Matthew 25 Network were euphoric with delight about his "common ground" view, and his getting support for adoption included in the Democratic platform.

This makes it all the more important that you read Chuck Norris' column here at Human Events, about Obama's "other" promise ...the one he made to pro-abortion forces to make signing the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA)--wiping away all state restrictions on abortion--his first act as president.

Several points to observe here:

*As could be expected, M25N made nil mention of this promise throughout the campaign, and apparently found great wisdom in Obama's bumbling answer to Rick Warren about abortion (answering a question about the issue is "above my pay grade," he said at the presidential forum at Saddleback Church).

*I’m sure the pro-abortion forces--the ones who viciously attacked Sarah Palin for giving birth to her Down’s Syndrome son (which otherwise blows the illusion of pro-abortion “compassion” to smithereens)--look on with approval to M25N’s “reasoned” approach to abortion. And forget the whining about being on the “right side” on other issues, which allegedly would make it okay to take the WRONG one on taking the life of the unborn. Just look at the serene smiles you are receiving from Planned Parenthood right now. And tell me if you think your platitudes about “justice” also extend to the unborn.

*Human Events reported on a survey a while back that exposed the biggest supporters of abortion on demand: MEN ages 18-34. Once again, the feminist promises of “more freedom” actually place women in even more slavery to selfish, unscrupulous MEN who (as they did in the “sexual revolution”) use them and throw them away (in this case, also throwing away the life of the unborn).

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