Monday, September 15, 2008

2 good signs

Two REALLY good signs for the election:

From Siena College's recent New York poll: “With 50 Days Left, New York Is Far From True Blue. Obama’s Lead Falls to 5 Points; Down From 18 Points in June.”

Second headline: Lindsay Lohan lashes out against Sarah Palin--which can only swing more votes to McCain-Palin (among voters with any intelligence). Keep it up, Lindsay…let that ignorance flow!

Now for a cautionary note: While the Obama camp is frazzled by his apparent meltdown, it’s still only September. Events could transpire to swing the election either way. Still, it appears by the NY poll that even in safe blue states, Palin’s addition to McCain’s ticket is forcing them to re-examine the Great One’s paper-thin record. Further, what little of his message he was getting out is being muddled--partially by side issues like lipstick (his own doing; poor, poor judgment to use that wording after Palin‘s famous reference in her speech, regardless of whether he aimed it at her), but also by his own confused public stands. Four days after he claims on Sept. 4 he would not attack Palin …he does just that in a TV ad! It looks like voters are starting to take a hard look at the media hero…and they’re not liking what they see!

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