Monday, September 15, 2008

McCartney to play in Israel, tells threatening jihadists to “get back”

Jihadists have never been the sharpest tools in the shed in my book--they’re the same idiots who, as Mark Steyn noted, will claim in the same breath that, A) Israel was behind the 9-11 attacks, and B) 9-11 was a great victory for Allah. Don’t try pointing out that illogic to a jihadist, since logic isn’t, er, one of their strong points anyway.

But the latest jihadist threats are a real gem--Islamic extremists are now threatening…one of the Beatles?!?

Paul McCartney has scheduled to play a concert in Israel, as part of that nation’s 60th anniversary celebrations, which has drawn suicide bomber threats from jihadists if he doesn’t change his mind. But Sir Paul is adamant about playing in Israel despite the threats, showing a lot of guts in the process by deciding to “let it be” (sorry, I couldn’t resist). He’s also braver than the Great Obama, who backtracked on his “united Jerusalem” pronouncement which he made in front of a pro-Israel group--the day after he made the statement.

Also, some of these jihad sympathizers are grumbling on their blogs that if McCartney goes ahead with the concert, they’ll NEVER play one of Paul’s records again (funny, didn’t some fans say that when the Beatles broke up in 1970? But I digress…) I’ll bet All You Need is Love isn’t on that jihadist play list.

Ironically, the Beatles were banned from playing in Israel in 1965, due to the government at that time being fearful of the band’s possible “corrupting influence” (not to mention, Israel’s music scene was, at that point, drenched in French pop culture--as in, “Elvis who?”).

Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch ( has the full report on this, humorously interspersed with some Beatles and McCartney song lyrics. McCartney, by the way, hosted the Concert for New York to benefit 9-11 victims, a month after the terror attacks. While I’m not a fan of some of his politics (he’s a big friend of the Clintons), he still gets a thumb’s up for standing up for Israel. Or in the language of the Fab Four, yeah, yeah, yeah!

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