Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Final election questions for Matthew 25 Network

Well, I fulfilled my patriotic duty today and voted.. At first, voting for president in the Obama State may seem very pointless. But who knows…if the vote is closer than expected here, it may inspire McCain voters in the battleground states to get out there to vote (in the words of the old Everly Brothers song, “dreeeaaam, dream dream dream …”)

So before this election cycle runs its course, I have some questions about Mr. Change for my dear friends at the Matthew 25 Network:

1) Your candidate made a big deal about being his “brother’s keeper,” which bowled you over. Maybe you can discuss with him another Bible precept about charity beginning at home, especially since he has an aunt living in a Boston slum and a half-brother living in a rundown hut in Kenya?

2) Also, you herald Obama as a candidate who will work to lower abortions. Should he win the election, will you be able to get any sleep after he signs the Freedom of Choice Act wiping away all restrictions on abortion--which he promised, in a speech to pro-abortionists, would be his first act as president? You harp so much about justice; what about justice for the unborn? (or will you dodge into the “quality of life” charade of an argument to excuse Obama’s extreme pro-abortion views?)

3) Where will you all be should he come to power, and his administration starts persecuting churches for refusing to marry gay couples?

While you’re at it, M25N, take some time off from your campaigning to read this online copy of the Declaration of Barmen here, written in 1934 by Germany’s Confessing Church (the one that refused to submit to the Nazis; the declaration is considered a creed in the Presbyterian Church). Maybe after reading it, you can search your hearts to see if you have not been swept up into submitting to “other lords,” instead of the Lord Jesus, in your blind support of Obama (the evangelical Christians supporting Obama--by Barna’s count about one-half of them--had better read this also). Your lack of discernment and ignorance in action has been nothing short of stunning.

Sow the wind, and reap the whirlwind, the scripture says. After you celebrate tonight (should Obama win) remember these words in the coming days, M25N. And sleep tight (if you have any conscience left).

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