Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Watch out for the New Tolerance

It's here! The New Tolerance! Break out the George Orwell and take a look at what our society is heading towards with the election of Obama and a near fillibuster-proof Senate. When people sense they have power, they act on it--and a militant gay group in Michigan, with a pro-homosexual president ready to take office, did just that, attacking an Assembly of God church. You can read the story in the Lansing State Journal here.

This attack does not make sense in any other context. The protest against Rick Warren's Saddleback Church, for example, was in response to California voters standing up to the rogue state supreme court and voting for Proposition 8, which Pastor Warren publicly supported. By the way, they protested Saddleback Church in spite of Pastor Warren's crusade against AIDS. They also protested at a predominantly white church--while 70 percent of African Americans voters also voted for Proposition 8 (even as they overwhelmingly supported Obama). Political correctness will hamstring the gay protesters from THOSE churches, as Bill O'Reilly points out.

The Michigan attack, in contrast, is a harbringer or things to come for evangelical churches who speak out against homosexuality--even those churches with Christians who were ignorant enough to vote for our great new leader.

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