Thursday, November 6, 2008

ACLU (Anti-Christian Liberties Union)

Why am I not surprised? The voters of California clearly vote to approve Proposition 8, which defines marriage in their state constitution as being only between one man and one woman (one of several bright spots in an otherwise disappointing election; three other states also passed similar pro-family propositions). And lo, the ACLU comes charging to the rescue, immediately filing a lawsuit and scraping the bottom of the barrel for a technicality to overthrow the will of the voters.

Contrast that with their deafening silence about Joe the Plumber who, simply for expressing his political views to then-candidate Barak Obama (which drew out Obama's quote about "spreading the wealth"), had half a dozen Ohio state agencies investigating him, with indications that the record searches were not curiosity by some nosy employees (as bad and illegal as that is), but resulted from orders that came from higher up.

Where are those champions of dissent and personal freedom NOW? I'm sure their selective standing up for only certain "rights" that advance their socialist agenda would have made their founder Roger Baldwin as proud as the NBC peacock.

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