Thursday, November 13, 2008

Obama's new spiritual advisor

OneNewsNow is reporting at the link here that President-elect Obama, during the presidential campaign, sought out counsel from … none other than Gene Robinson, the homosexual Episcopalian bishop whose election to his post set off a major split in the Episcopal Church and a firestorm of controversy in the worldwide Anglican fellowship.

Let’s get a clearer picture here … with homosexual activists disrupting church services around the country (due to Proposition 8 passing in California, and being emboldened by a pro-gay president ready to take over the White House), we now find out that Obama gets counsel from a homosexual bishop. To any “evangelical Christians” who backed Obama who might be reading this: getting a queasy feeling in your stomach yet?

Any other DISCERNING Christians reading this: brush up on the Declaration of Barmen (linked a couple of posts back), George Orwell (especially 1984) and the works of Dietrich Bonheoffer (especially Life Together and The Cost of Discipleship). Familiarize yourselves with Canada’s “hate speech” laws (which are coming our way) and most important, make sure you memorize your Bible (They would take Bibles away from us? Let’s just say I’m not taking chances--especially with homosexuals suing Bible publishers about the “anti-gay” translations, which I posted about earlier). Why do all this, you ask? We may be heading underground faster than you think.

(By the way, the homosexual activists will be VERY selective about who they target. If they tried to attack a mosque the same way they attacked that church in Michigan, they would have been carried out in body bags).

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